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Khatibi and Derrida

Khatibi and Derrida

A ‘Franco-Maghrebian’ Dialogue

(p.197) Chapter Eight Khatibi and Derrida
Abdelkébir Khatibi
Dominique Combe, Jane Hiddleston
Liverpool University Press

In his article “Décolonisation de la sociologie” (Decolonizing sociology), published as early as 1974 and later reproduced in Maghreb pluriel, Khatibi draws on Derrida to relate the necessary decolonization of thought to deconstruction, against logocentrism and ethnocentrism. A few years before the publication of Said’s Orientalism in 1979, Khatibi calls to “décentrer en nous le savoir occidental” (decenter in ourselves Western knowledge), and “nous décentrer par rapport à ce centre, à cette origine que se donne l’Occident” (decenter ourselves from this centre, this origin that is the West). The dialogue between Khatibi and Derrida would continue over time, from one article or a book to another, since the collective volume Du bilinguisme in 1985 to “Point de non-retour” (Point of no-return) in the Colloquium of Cerisy in 1992, and to “Variations sur l’amitié” (Variations on friendship) in Cahier de l’Herne in 2004, as well as Jacques Derrida en effet in 2007. This article sets out to read Le Monolinguisme de l’autre (1996) in the context of this close dialogue between Khatibi and Derrida on language(s).

Keywords:   Khatibi, postcolonialism, decolonisation, transnationalism, transcolonial, aesthetics, sociology, Islam, Maghreb, Morocco, travel, stranger, art, sign, literature, philosophy, translation, bilingualism, Mediterranean, language, performativity, Palestine, alterity, Derrida, Hassoun, Segalen, Tanizaki, Japan, semiology, carpet, spiritual, poetics, ethics

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