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(p.140) Commentary
Aeschylus: Suppliant Women
A. J. Bowen
Liverpool University Press

This chapter provides the commentary for Aeschylus' play the Suppliant Women. It explains the major musical and metrical shifts of the play that gave an instant understanding of the play's formal progress. It also compares the Suppliant Women with the prologues of the three plays of Oresteia, Persae, and a few other plays that do not begin with iambic trimeters. The chapter looks at the anapaestic opening that used to be part of the argument about the Suppliant Women being an early play. It discusses the plight of the Danaids as the play's main theme and assesses how it contains the vital facts by which the audience can identify the place and myth of the play and its immediate speakers.

Keywords:   Aeschylus, Suppliant Women, metrical shift, Oresteia, Persae, iambic trimeters

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