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The Pacifist Traveller: Kate Crane-Gart

The Pacifist Traveller: Kate Crane-Gart

(p.200) The Pacifist Traveller: Kate Crane-Gart
American Travel and Empire
Tim Youngs
Liverpool University Press

This chapter, which focuses on Kate Crane-Gartz's travel writing, argues that Gartz steers an uneasy course between radical political criticism and racist stereotyping. While she is only too well aware of the impact of imperialism in the mid-twentieth century, she still lumps the Chinese together as a ‘crowd of creatures’ or the Indians as collectively sunk in superstition. Thus, at the very point where she is expressing political insights, Gartz maintains a distance from her human subjects and clings to her position as an onlooker.

Keywords:   travel writing, travel writers, political criticism, racial stereotyping, imperialism

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