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Caribbean and Creole in New Orleans

Caribbean and Creole in New Orleans

(p.56) Caribbean and Creole in New Orleans
American Creoles
Angel Adams Parham
Liverpool University Press

This chapter presents an ethnographic study of the continuing significance of the Saint-Domingue refugees in the racial and ethnic identifications of the Creoles in New Orleans. This study is based on interviews with the descendants of the refugees who have Louisiana Creole ancestry that extends back to Saint-Domingue/Haiti. The chapter considers the racial practices in colonial Louisiana and compares them with the social and cultural transformations that occurred following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. It then considers how this legacy continues to shape understandings of race and ethnicity in New Orleans.

Keywords:   Saint-Domingue, refugees, racial identification, ethnic identification, Creoles, Louisiana Creole, Haiti, Louisiana, Louisiana Purchase, race

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