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(p.29) Chapter II Style
Aeschylus' Supplices
A.F. Garvie
Liverpool University Press

This chapter examines the stylistic evidence concerning the Supplices by challenging the validity of the scholars' interpretation that it was the earliest extant play of Aeschylus. Drawing attention to a number of peculiarities in Prometheus, it argues that the Supplices was not an authentic play of Aeschylus based on the weakness of stylistic arguments for dating it. The chapter considers Aeschylus's stylistic development to determine whether the Supplices is indeed removed in style from his other plays. It also raises the possibility that Aeschylus's treatment of the iambic trimeter is largely stichic, not only in the Supplices but also in his other works such as Prometheus, Persae, and Agamemnon. Finally, it rejects the notion that Prometheus is an authentic late play of Aeschylus and that the Supplices, on stylistic grounds, marked the beginning of Aeschylus's career.

Keywords:   style, Supplices, Aeschylus, Prometheus, plays, iambic trimeter, Persae, Agamemnon

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