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(p.88) Chapter III Structure
Aeschylus' Supplices
A.F. Garvie
Liverpool University Press

This chapter examines the structure of the Supplices, more than half of which consists of lyrics. It considers the claim that the chorus' role of ‘protagonist’ in the play does not really explain the extent of its lyric and that Eumenides has the lowest proportion of lyric to dialogue of any Aeschylean play, arguing that the cases are not quite the same. It underscores the central dramatic role of the chorus from the beginning of the Supplices, in contrast to Eumenides where Orestes is for the most part the central character. It also cites the chorus as a principal character in Eumenides and the principal character in the Supplices. In addition, the chapter discusses Aeschylus's adoption of the third actor, between Supplices and Eumenides, and its implications for the mailer. Finally, it suggests that Aeschylus was experimenting when he decided to make the chorus his ‘protagonist’ in both plays.

Keywords:   structure, Supplices, lyrics, chorus, Eumenides, Aeschylus, plays

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