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The Trilogy

The Trilogy

(p.163) Chapter V The Trilogy
Aeschylus' Supplices
A.F. Garvie
Liverpool University Press

This chapter re-examines the evidence cited by many scholars for the lost plays of the Aeschylean trilogy Supplices. It first considers the evidence for the correct reading at line 8 and the existence of a subsidiary chorus at the end of the play. It also analyses four elements that are common to all the scholarly interpretations, or at least not contradicted by one or more of them, as well as the disagreement over the consequences of the murder committed by the fifty daughters against their respective husbands on the orders of Danaus. Furthermore, the chapter claims that Ovid cannot be used for the reconstruction of Aeschylus's trilogy; that Aeschylus must have used more than one source that he probably adapted to suit his own dramatic purpose; and that the Supplices itself contains hints of coming events that can be used for the reconstruction of the lost plays.

Keywords:   plays, trilogy, Supplices, chorus, murder, Danaus, Ovid, Aeschylus

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